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About Us

About Us

Alohawaii is a trendy clothing and home set/home decor business. Furthermore, we are making, designing, and printing it on a variety of product kinds. We are delighted to declare that Alohawaii is our treasured brainchild after conscientiously constructing the brand for a long time loved.

Founded in 2017 by young entrepreneurs, Alohawaii has evolved through the unwavering efforts of the youth, and we continue to move forward day by day to retain our society's duties and to provide value to clients. Alohawaii is continually moving forward with "Our Vision and Mission":

- Say no with deception.

- Make benefit for customer devotedly.

- Bring the most advanced services.

- Ensure the highest quality.

- Be an outstanding fashion brand.

Our Mission

Our staff works tirelessly to provide you with both material and spiritual value. By creativity, we mean that we are always studying and developing new distinctive designs, as well as a wide range of items. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish to strengthen the bond between Alohawaii and its consumers, since we are all members of the Alohawaii family. We built a dedicated team of customer support and demand to research for listening to and sharing with whomever you are. Besides, we also have an R&D team in Vietnam as well as a warehouse in the USA. 

Alohawaii's objective is still to provide you with the finest and to become a part of your home.

Say No to SCAM!

For starters, there is NO term or phrase that has the same meaning as "LIE" as our principle. We provide our consumers with our undivided attention and the truth from the bottom of our hearts. If an order is delayed, we never criticize anybody; instead, we accept responsibility and advise the consumer of the order's status. Then we deal with it in the greatest manner possible.

Second, customer experience is more important than money generation. It takes a long time to develop consumer trust.

You may pick through Visa/Master Card. It implies that refund procedures are provided and that consumers' advantages are fully safeguarded. If there is a fraud, we immediately suffer the repercussions, including not only the loss of payment gateways but also the loss of you - our vital client.


We do not regard our clients as consumers; we treat you as friends, and friends will do all in their power not to let one other down.

Finally, many thanks for stopping by and being a member of the Alohawaii Fam. If you're ready to purchase unique products for yourself, shop with Alohawaii now!

Contact us:

Mailing Address: 3127 Valley Lane, Austin, TX 78746, USA